Holistic and Mindfulness Based Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Mental Health Recovery Program 

  • A proven and clinically effective recovery program for adults and adolescents that is digital via live therapeutic videoconferencing by licensed therapists or at our NEW LOCATION in Silverlake, CA. 

  • Our program and therapists are holistic and mindfulness based. 

  • Medical diagnosis and intervention at home by licensed medical providers. 

  • Our therapists have years of experience with trauma, CBT, DBT, and other proven modalities of treatment. 

  • Treatment where you are: home, school, or office. This guarantees you privacy, flexibility, and convenience.  

  • Individual and group mental health and substance abuse treatment.

  • All our programs are brought to you entirely through HIPAA compliant secure video conferencing with experienced and licensed therapists. 

  • Video Conferencing for therapy has been proven to be as or more effective than in-person therapy. (Click here for studies)

  • We are available 6 days a week, 7:00 AM-7:00 PM Pacific Time. 

  • CARF Accreditation Pending  


We provide therapy directly to you in-person, through your computer, tablet, or mobile devices. 

Our therapeutic modalities include, individual sessions, group therapy such as process group, trauma recovery work, relapse prevention, and much more. Please call us for a full description of our program. We are always happy to hear from you. 


Our Philosophy

We understand that recovery is a journey, which is why we believe in a team and integrated approach to treatment. We make sure all of our clients get the support and attention they deserve with an individualized treatment plan, including a plan for support after they graduate from our program.

Kelli Lundin, MFTi, iMed therapist

Kelli Lundin, MFTi, iMed therapist during a therapy session. 

What makes us special? Watch our real-time discussion below using the same video technology we use for our individual and group eSessions.

Our facility in Silverlake, los angeles, ca

Our facility in Silverlake, los angeles, ca